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What emotions does art evoke in you?

Curiosity, fascination, boredom, reluctance?

No matter what you call it, you feel. It can be a positive or negative feeling – even the fact that it leaves you indifferent is a signal!

Emotions and feelings accompany us every day. It’s a bit like breathing with them – we don’t notice that we’re breathing until something starts to happen, positively or negatively. Feelings also come to the fore when they go beyond their standard range of everyday small sorrows and joys. The catalyst for this offense can be art – a painting, a film, a book, but also nature, faith or another human being.

Perhaps you have also had a period in your life when you tried to suppress your emotions in the belief that this is what really strong people do. That it is necessary to hide behind the armor of indifference, which feelings only weaken. However, I think that this is not the right way – first of all, such armor is not easy to build… And secondly, once we build it, we may find that inside we are actually very, very unhappy.

That’s what provoked me to create. That moment when I cracked and the emotions overflowed. I had to translate it into something tangible and that’s how the first Shinings were created.

And just think how monotonous and gray our lives would be without those particles of color that are diverse feelings!

For me, emotions are particles of the color of everyday life or spices, giving flavor to dishes. And what are they for you?

Commission Work

A bit of beauty and peace in your interior. If you are captivated by my idea, but I do not have an image in a color scheme that suits you – write!


I invite you to see the portfolio! Maybe you will feel something to one of the paintings that will make you consider it the only one?

What do collectors say?

Thank you, Mrs. Weronika. The paintings have arrived and are great! They fit perfectly into our interior.


I wanted to let you know that the painting has reached us, has been framed and is hanging in our living room. We really like it! It’s beautiful! Thank you also very much for the extra picture!

woman, portrait, model-657753.jpg

The picture has reached us, it is beautiful 🙂 We hung it, it looks beautiful and we are glad that it will decorate our interior!

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